Most impressed with the performance of our investments

My wife Annette and I, first came into contact with Tony, in January 2016 when he was a Financial Advisor with Westpac. We were looking for a place to invest a reasonable large amount but we were we disappointed at what was being offered at the time by banks. He recommended that we consider looking at BT Panorama and walked us through the what was offered by the platform and what returns we could expect. For the next three years he did a diligent job advising and organising a joint investment for us which achieved most satisfactory returns. In 2019 Tony advised us that Westpac would not be employing Financial Planners and we would be asked to find our own financial planner in the future. At that time we found out that Tony was intending to set up his own Planning Company and due to the excellent service he had afforded us in the past, we decided to ask him to be our future advisor with our BT Panorama investment.

As a result we are now clients of Tony’s company, Du Financial Advisory Pty Ltd and subsequently have moved both our induvial Superannuation Pensions accounts to BT Panorama. Prior to these recent transfers, Tony put in considerable time and effort to lay out the saving on both fees and the opportunity for better earnings. He has at all times consulted with us on all actions with our accounts and has given full documented results of all accounts annually.

We have found him to be most honest and diligent in all aspects and most capable in his role of advising and investing on our behalf and have been most impressed with the performance of our investments in spite of current world financial situation