Superannuation is an investment environment designed specifically to help you save for retirement...

One of the advantages of superannuation is that it is lightly taxed. This can mean more of your money goes towards your retirement than if you were to invest outside of super.

While superannuation provides great benefits for your retirement, you need to understand the risks of your money in superannuation system. In additional to the normal investment risks there is also the possibility for legal or legislative risks.

Seeking advice is an essential starting point for getting your super on track, so that you can know exactly when you can retire and how much you will have for retirement.

Take control of your super today to potentially enjoy a more financially rewarding retirement. By the time you retire, your super could be one of your most valuable assets.

We follow our financial planning process to prepare a tailored superannuation plan which takes into consideration your individual requirements and circumstances. That plan includes:

  • Outline your current financial position and retirement needs,
  • Set out your retirement goals and objectives,
  • Explain the strategy to achieve your retirement goals,
  • Discuss both investment and legislative risks and provide options to address them,
  • Recommend suitable investments solution to manage your retirement saving,
  • Show how each investment will help you achieve your goals,
  • Clearly set out all costs outlining fees and benefits we will receive.

Let us work together to ensure you will have a comfortable retirement