Exceeded my expectations as a financial adviser

Tony has been our financial adviser for six years, First as an employee of Westpac and then with his own business. Over that period I have found him to be completely trustworthy to the point that he now manages all our funds.

Tony has exceeded my expectations as a financial adviser. .Every step he takes is explained in clear terms that we can readily understand. He helps us with every worry we have, financial and non-financial, showing that he is concerned with our welfare and well being.

When I first met Tony at Westpac I checked on his qualifications and how he got to that level. Also I asked about his work experience. His combination of education and experience provides a great background for a financial adviser. The results he has been able to get for us show that he is very good at what he does.

He is a self made man. As a young immigrant he has been able to work his way up through hard work and education. Initially he worked at IT, then after obtaining his MBA he became a financial adviser with banks and now with his own business.